A Different Look at an Entry-Level Sedan – The Toyota Scion iA

When you hear the term ‘entry-level’ what comes to your mind? Do you think basic? Do you think beginner? That’s exactly what entry-level means when referring to a product. Thanks to our friends at Toyota, I recently drove the new Toyota Scion iA Sedan. This entry-level car got me thinking about entry-level in a new way.

Toyota Scion iA Sedan

This new Scion is considered an entry-level vehicle. It’s Manufactured-Suggested-Retail-Price is of $15,700 for manual transmission and $16,800 for 6-speed automatic. At this price point, it is a beginner car. However, it has much more including: a high-strength body structure; quick-revving, high-compression 1.5-liter engine with 106 horsepower; choice of 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmissions; standard 16-inch alloy wheels; and is rated by the EPA an estimated  33 city/ 42 highway/ 37 combined MPG for the automatic version and 31 city/ 41 highway/ 35 combined for the manual.
Toyota Scion iA Interior


If entry-level is for beginners, then it’s a fun time to be a beginner. However, I don’t think this car is just for beginners. We are a family of four and we enjoyed the sporty ride all week long. Mostly because we had plenty of interior space despite what the sporty exterior design may elude. Plus, the Scion iA had some features that are hardly ‘entry-level’ that include: control switches on the steering wheel for the audio and standard Bluetooth and the 7-inch Display Audio system has a touch screen, six speakers, remote interface and rear-view camera.

Toyota Scion iA Trunk Space Toyota Scion iA Rearview Cam Toyota Scion iA Backseat

For the week that I drove it, I attended a Latina leadership workshop, a gala (where I got to meet Madeleine Albright), two concerts, a film festival and we celebrated my son’s birthday! Let’s not forget the weekly tasks of grocery shopping and being plain ol’ mom taxi. All of that driving around and the Scion iA averaged 36 MPG in the city! But that was only one great feature. Another one of the features that I enjoyed was that the driver can literally flip a switch to Sport Mode.

Interior of Toyota Scion iA

Overall, this sporty sedan was a fun and safe drive. I opted for the sedan so that we could try something different. Honestly, I thought we might feel disappointed with a small 4-door car. We weren’t. The Scion iA has the convenience of a compact car, benefits of a fuel-efficient car and comfort of a quality sedan. If you are looking for your first car or your first family car, consider the Scion iA.

Toyota Scion iA