Be a Real Super Hero for Halloween and All Year Long – San Antonio Martial Arts Program

Do your kids want to be super heroes? Mine do! They love the classics like Spiderman, Captain America, and Batman but I never imagined my son would love a super hero that would teach him how to read. Queridos, I about fell out of my chair when my youngest son said that his new favorite super hero is Super WHY! – a PBS show where the superheroes dive in to classic reading stories and through the reading adventures, your kids learn reading skills. Reading skills, queridos!

My son loves to read now because in this show, the characters are super heroes. Kids love superheroes! They often want to BE super heroes. You can give your child the opportunity to be a real super hero by enrolling them in a martial arts class. With martial arts, they can learn new skills, become stronger physically and mentally, and build their self-confidence. Traits to become their own superhero!

5 Reasons to Practice Martial Arts

5 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Practice Martial Arts

  • Self-discipline – Martial arts requires skills of listening and focusing. It can be a challenge for little ones to stand still or stay quiet. Great instructors work with students to improve their focus and self-discipline.
  • Confidence – Martial arts will teach to set goals and reach them month by month. They are given challenges and then trained on how to overcome the challenge. This will build their confidence in their ability.
  • Physical fitness – Increasing your child’s strength and flexibility is a result of practicing martial arts. Students also develop coordination practicing week in and week out.
  • Level of respect – In a martial arts class, students are taught how to show respect to the instructors. The instructors also remind the young students of the respect parents/care-takers deserve in their role.
  • Fun! – It’s not all serious. Most times your child is in class with other children their age and to appeal to them, great instructors will incorporate fun activities to keep the class engaged.

San Antonio Martial Arts PDC

This Halloween, let your kids be a real superhero! Visit San Antonio’s Martial Arts Personal Development Center.  Their karate programs are really for all ages and they have trial programs. So, you can be a superhero, too, or at least try it out! Call 210-675-0838.

Mom I Want To Be A Real Superhero

Are you looking for something FUN AND SAFE on Halloween night in San Antonio?! Ask about the Karate Plus Martial Arts PDC Halloween Fest. It’s a family-friendly event on Halloween night filled with games, activities and candy for everyone. Join in the fun!