Get Informed About Affordable Care Act Deadline MARCH 31 #ACA

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The Affordable Care Act deadline to sign up for coverage is MARCH 31, 2014. If you have NOT signed up, please keep reading. If you are not sure how ACA affects you or your loved ones, please keep reading.

Mi Familia SelfieAs a freelancer, I've relied on my husband's employment for health care coverage. Last Fall when the Affordable Care Act went in to effect, we had to make some changes. We did our homework and opted for the plan that made sense for our familia. I encourage you to do the same. 

According to The U.S. Department of Health Services, Latinos are uninsured at the highest rate than any other ethnic group in the U.S. Gente, there are options. Please do your part to learn about them. Family, friends or neighbors may have given you 'advice' or told you good or bad stories about La 'ObamaCare' pero it is your responisibility to learn what your options are. 


Claro, there is so much information. I know, we felt overwhelmed, too. Where do you begin? Start with HealthLawHelper.

HealthLawHelper is an informational tool designed for individual consumers. It incorporates the best information Consumer Reports has about the federal healthcare law's impact on consumers. This is the information you need that you may not be able to get from someone else who has or has not already signed up. The HealthLawHelper bridges the knowledge gap and helps connect you with new options. It can also help put your mind to ease about how the law actually may or may not affect you.

The tool works for any scenario and it gives you options. In many cases, the tool will direct you to your state marketplace for new coverage options. But for example, if you already have Medicare coverage or coverage through an employer, the tool helps you understand how your current situation fits in to law.

Even though you have options, one option you won't have after the deadline of MARCH 31st is to sign up. You will NOT be able to sign up for health care coverage after MARCH 31st. Enrollment for next year will begin on November 15, 2014 but you won't be covered until January 15, 2015. There are exceptions like major life changes. 

What constitutes a “qualifying life event” to change your coverage outside of Open Enrollment?

Consumers will be given 60 days to make a change if they are:

  • Having a baby or a change in their marital status.
  • Losing their existing plan, for instance by leaving a job.
  • Having a change in income that makes them newly eligible or newly ineligible for tax credits to lower the cost of your premiums
  • Moving to another state.
  • Having an increase in income that makes them or a family member ineligible for Medicaid or CHIP.
  • Becoming “lawfully present” in the United States by getting a green card or other long-term non-tourist visa.
  • Getting out of jail.

What’s doesn’t qualify?

Getting sick and suddenly needing urgent health care. That’s why it’s so important to get covered now.

Consumer Reports HealthLawHelp

The moral to this story … get informed, get covered. The information is available to you. If you need assistance or have ANY questions, has a range of independent and unbiased health insurance experts who are available to advise and answer questions on Obamacare 7-days a week.