From Baseball to Robotics, Dad, You’re Doing a Good Job! #DoinGood

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When my husband and I were engaged, we knew that we wanted children right away. We planned to have four boys and we made plans for all of the baseball, basketball and soccer games that we’d attend as a family. We imagined that we’d have one boy in each sport and I’d joke that my husband’s athletic talent would have to grand enough for all four boys because God did not bless me with an ounce of athleticism.

First Tball League #DoinGood QueMeansWhat

Well, we didn’t count on two things

1 – We’d only have two boys. After our second blessing of a son, we realized that two is our perfect number.

2 – Our boys wouldn’t want to play sports after all.

With our oldest son, we started out trying T-ball and soccer at the local YMCA. We also enrolled him in karate at a local dojo. As parents, we thoroughly enjoyed it. However, my son has only really stuck with karate. I began introducing my son to robotics. That has seemed to stick. The more we learned, the more he engaged. And, of course, little brother wants to do whatever big brother does.

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As a tech education advocate, this is music to my ears. As far as my husband, I know he wishes the boys would play at least one sport. Sports is where my husband really connects and can teach and lead our sons. Don’t misunderstand. My husband understands without a shadow of a doubt the importance and the value of an education in technology. He just didn’t plan on his son’s favorite sport to be a Robotics Competition.

From Baseball to Robotics #DoinGood QueMeansWhat

To my husband – the love of my life, I say:

“You are doing a good job! Really, you are doing an outstanding job. I can’t imagine how our boys would exist without you. My favorite moments are when I catch our sons gazing up at you in admiration. You are their hero. And my heart absolutely melts when I get to witness the mutual love you all have for one another.”

My husband is a ‘numbers guy’ – he knows sports stats, he is in finance and numbers just makes sense to him. He didn’t plan on being a techie or a dad of a techie. But you wouldn’t know it when you see him with his sons. More importantly, my sons don’t know any different. All they know is that Dad loves them and wants the very best for them. Mi amor, this Father’s Day (and every day) I want you to know that YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB.

Fathers Day: Hey Dad, You're Doing Good! #DoinGood
Fathers Day: Hey Dad, You’re Doing Good! #DoinGood

Yes, we have two sons. The youngest does enjoy tech gadgets but much to my husband’s delight, he recently shared with us that he is now ready to try baseball. ¡Vamos a jugar!

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