Feeling Thankful For My Mom’s Sewing Skills and Her Teachings

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Do you ever take a moment to thank your parents for your favorite childhood memories? For this post, I’m thanking my mom for memories that she may not know that I’m so thankful for.

My mom used to sew some of our clothes when we were kids. And I think that, back then, I didn’t appreciate it as much because I didn’t know anyone else whose mom was making their clothes. Fast forward to the present and it’s a different story. Last year was the first time that my mom sewed my boys’ Halloween costumes. She did an amazing job creating a Ghostbusters uniform and a Yoda robe.

Yoda and Ghostbusters Halloween Costumes

Of course, we made an entire family event out of the process. My mom, my boys and I all went to the fabric store to pick out the patterns for the costumes, then we searched for the fabric for each costume together, and finally, we put our heads together on how to create the Ghostbusters emblem. It ended up turning into a fun afternoon.

Ghostbusters Emblem for Halloween Costume

Back at my mom’s house, she taught me how to correctly size and cut out patterns. The first and the last time that I attempted pattern cutting was in high school, and I ended up with 4 of the same panels for a shirt. That’s why that was my last time trying to make my own clothes. This time around, I had a much better experience, partly because these patterns were for my kids.

Yoda Halloween Costume

This process made me reflect on those days of seeing my mom at the kitchen table with fabric, pins, thread and scissors all over the table. I was always amazed that she could create something so beautiful from just a large piece of fabric. I remember her frustration at times, too, but she would course-correct and the garment would still turn out awesome. I remember the overflowing barrels of fabric stashed away in corners of different rooms. So many different things make me think about those times, but only recently did I realize the time and sacrifice that she made to sew our clothes.

Nana and My Boys #DoinGood

As parents, if you are taking the time to teach your kids any kind of skill to create something, you are doin’ good! I hope someone let my mom know that she was doin’ good by setting an example for her kids all those years ago. And if not, Mom, you’re doin’ good.

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