Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Non-handyman

If you are looking for a handyman in my house, you won’t find one. I married my husband knowing he wouldn’t be the one fixing things around the house. As a daughter of a the ultimate handyman, I wasn’t worried. I figured my husband would magically learn. Really, that must have been what I thought. Nonetheless, we get along just great. I have an eye for things that need work, he has the man power and when that doesn’t work, we call our friend Rudy. 🙂

So, if you have a wonderful non-handyman in need of Father’s Day gifts, here are some gift ideas that he doesn’t even know he will need and love.

20120603-202337.jpg photo from sxc.hu

1. Cordless drill. It doesn’t have to be professional grade. It just needs to work. We have a Black & Decker 6.0 V.
2. Home Tool Set. This should include small ratchet set, wrench set, pliers, screw driver set, a hammer and a measuring tape. They also usually come in a plastic case that makes it easier to store all together.
3. Stud finder/laser level device. These can actually be pretty cool. It will make hanging any wall art or frames much easier.
4. Trimmer/edger for the yard. If they have a yard, most men (women too) have a lawn mower. Do they have an edger though? These give your yard that clean edge look. If you can use a lawn mower, you can use a basic trimmer/edger.
5. Emergency auto kit. You can usually find these at any auto store for around $30. They have at least battery jumper cables, a flashlight, 10ft. rope and a first aid kit.

Now if you know that he will have the same reaction to these gifts that you would have to a vacuum cleaner or dishwasher, here are some fun gift ideas.

photo from beatsbydre.com

1. iPod. Any size or model. If he likes music, he will enjoy an iPod. You can go the extra mile and include those super cool Dr. Dre headphones – The Beats. Again, if he likes music, he will like these.
2. Grilling set. This will make you happy too if he is using your kitchen utensils for his grill 🙂 Last year, I had the utensils engraved with my husband’s initials for a personal touch. You could also find these in his favorite sports team.
3. Hobby inspired gift. If he likes to fish, give him fishing gear. Give the golfer a set of clubs, golf gear or a round of 18 holes. Give the sports fanatic tickets to see his favorite team. Get the idea?
4. A basket of his favorite food or drink. Personalize it just for him. If he drinks beer, find different types of beer. If he likes nuts and jerky, fill up a basket with a variety of each.
5. Guys weekend pass. Give your man a night to hang out with his friends and let loose. And if he is too ‘tired’ from his fun the next day, give him the day off … no work, no nagging … Just let him relax and recover.

Of course, if he already has these gifts, you can always buy a gift card to his favorite store. Despite common belief, men can actually enjoy doing some shopping for themselves. It’s the tagging along with women as they shop that they really don’t like. Giving him some alone time to go buy his gift could be a gift in itself.

Qué Means What is not endorsing any brand. We are simply offering gift suggestions that we have purchased or would like to purchase.