EVA LONGORIA – How Travel y Familia Inspired Her Own Home Collection

Earlier this month, I sat down with actress, director, producer and activist, Eva Longoria during a visit to San Antonio for a meet and greet with fans during the day at JCPenney and her annual Eva’s Heroes Celebrity and Casino Night. Fellow Tejana blogger Marissa Rodriguez of ModernTejana.com and I talked to Eva about her inspiration for Eva Longoria Home ™ collection and the importance of celebrating Hispanic culture in everyday life.

Eva Longoria Interview with QueMeansWhat.com at JCPenney

One aspect of Eva’s interviews is that she often mentions her familia. Family is kind of a big deal on QueMeansWhat.com and we made this event a family affair when my son joined me as my official photographer. He did a great job capturing our time at JCPenney. We began the conversation as Marissa inquired about Eva’s creative space and in turn, Eva shared with us how her tía played a large role in her home décor.

“I had an aunt, my aunt Elsa, who would always tell us, ‘You have to make a house a home.’ You have to own it. I had crappy apartment after crappy apartment in Hollywood when I was an aspiring actor and she would always tell me, ‘I don’t care how much you are paying, you better make it nice.’

What she meant by that was make it your own and own it. She would always get mad if I didn’t have curtains up, if I didn’t have throw  pillows, so I would go to the discount fabric stores because the only thing I could sew at the time were straight lines and pillows have these straight lines. I would make my own comforters and duvets and I’d make my own curtains from all this discount material and I was so creative with it,” Eva said.

Family wasn’t the only thing that inspired Eva Longoria Home™, an exclusive new bedding collection available in over 100 JCPenney stores and on jcpenney.com. She shared with us that as a Latina, she gravitates to color.

“You’ll see a lot of color in my line. I also get inspired by my travels. I’m always inspired when I go to another country by their textiles or their fabrics, their colors or their color use, or their embellishments. So, I’m always inspired and that’s what I wanted to do bring all of that – those world travels – and curate it to one collection so it’s accessible to everybody.”

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I, personally, get inspired by my own Mexican-American culture and those who are great examples of living examples of celebrating our culture like Eva. So, I had to know what advice would she give people in order to celebrate their culture in their everyday life.

“I think culture has to do with so much. It has to do with language and food and music and traditions. So, there’s so many ways you can celebrate it,” she said.

“One way that I’m trying to teach young Latinas, especially Tejanos, is hold on to the language. You know, I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish, I learned it later because I felt like ‘This is so horrible that I don’t speak Spanish. I should be able to speak Spanish.’ Once I did, I felt like a door opened into a culture that I stood on the sidelines of – that I stood a little bit outside of. I loved it and I held on to it. At the same time I thought, ‘You know what? I want to dig more into that historical past and I want to hold on to it and I want to pass it on.’ So, that’s one way we can do it as Latinos is hold on to the language.  Being bilingual is always better than being monolingual.”

“In a time in which our culture is being attacked and Hispanic and Latino is being synonymous with being an immigrant or illegal, we have to be able to show them who we are and what we are and celebrate it and applaud it,” Eva stated.

I couldn’t agree more.

In the end, not only was I grateful that my son has some photography skills but I’m happier that he heard what Eva had to say about taking pride in our own home and celebrating our Mexican-American culture. He and his brother are the reasons that I have dug in to my heritage to learn more and to improve on my own Spanish-language skills.

Thanks to JCPenney, I received an Eva Longoria Home bedding ensemble. I’m going to be very honest here – didn’t know that I was in dire need of it. When I listened to her talk about making your home your own, my heart was convicted. Queridos, I am far from Suzie Homemaker. Finishing home décor touches never seemed that important to me. After reflecting on how valuable it is to create my home into a space that reflects me, my family and our culture, I am ready to make some changes. I began in the bedroom. Check out my before and after photos.

Before and After Eva Longoria Home Collection

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Melanie Mendez-Gonzales

Original content creator for ¿Qué Means What? Texas Latina mom blogger celebrating culture in education, entertainment and family life.

26 Responses

  1. Heidi K. says:

    Our family celebrate with the food we eat and even the music we listen to.

  2. Nicole says:

    My family celebrates our culture by cooking together and celebrating cultural events.

  3. Krystal m says:

    We celebrate by trying to talk more Spanish. By my moms Mexican cooking (cause come on mom’s cooking is always better ?) .

  4. Sue E says:

    We don’t do anything special, because we are foremost Americans first!

  5. Antoinette Burleson says:

    We celebrate our heritage/culture in your everyday life at home by cooking dishes that were handed down for generations, also very much through decor, we have African mask and mini statues!! I love all cultures and heritage but it definitely is something special about the one your born into and apart of!!

  6. Linda Cronan says:

    We celebrate by trying different recipes.

  7. latanya says:

    by dance and food

  8. Elena says:

    I celebrate by cooking ethnic dishes

  9. I think food will always be the best way to celebrate your culture.

  10. I celebrate my culture by being intentional with my Spanish speaking, by listening to Latino music that I grew up with, by making food that was taught to me by my mom, and by reminiscing frequently about my cultura.

  11. roger matta says:

    Our family celebrates our culture by telling folktale stories, celebrating and attending cultural events supporting our latino brothers and sisters performances in the fine arts.

  12. hope seda says:

    Our family celebrates our culture with good food, laughs, friends , and most of all love .

  13. janie matta says:

    Our family celebrates our culture by helping one another as instilled by our parents, through our music, dance and lot’s of fun.

  14. Ashley says:

    We celebrate through food

  15. Arik Issan says:

    As everyone should do every day, I read … history, languages, religions … Exercise the brain.

  16. Jennifer Scheldberg says:

    Definitely with food!

  17. Kim Munoz says:

    We are quite the mix here in our house. My husband is Mexican, I am Pacific Islander/American. My boys love it. The love food from both sides of the family. We love to celebrate holidays too. Around my house I have many carvings and shells that I brought with me when I left home.

  18. Sarah Cool says:

    By the food we make and the music we listen to

  19. Sarah Cool says:

    By the food we make and the music we listen to

  20. Funny, I never really thought about our culture and how we celebrate it but the best way we do it is through our food. The recipes handed down from generation to generation. Tamales are the biggest adventure and the season is right around the corner for our annual tamalada.

  21. Jim Lipscomb says:

    We grew green chilis in the garden, but I still want more Southwest plants

  22. Julie Wood says:

    I celebrate by cooking different authentic Italian recipes that my family loves!

  23. Mireya says:

    We celebrate our culture with food, music & our família!

  24. Angela says:

    I celebrate my culture through food

  25. Ben (ada) says:

    I go to festivals in my city

  26. Good job Melanie! I was so glad to be able to read this;) You’re awesome!!!

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