Breakfast Hacks for Tacos with Fresh Salsa and DIY Iced Coffee

This post is a sponsored collaboration with Cocina Fresca. All opinions are my own including breakfast hacks for tacos and iced coffee. 

When Texas heat is at its highest – May through September, I’ll opt for an iced coffee instead of a hot one. Like any smart Tejana, I’ll always opt for good breakfast tacos topped with delicious salsa all year round. But to get all three things every day, I need breakfast hacks to make my morning routine as easy as possible.

Breakfast Hacks for Tacos

Starting any day with delicious breakfast tacos is going to be a great day. Plus, my tacos are simple to make. Most days, I use whichever fillings are available in my kitchen. Bean and cheese do the trick. I’ll add egg whites for extra protein. Papas or sausage are always a possibility, too.

If you don’t make your own tortillas, order them from your favorite tortillería and store them in your refrigerator until needed. When making tacos, heat them up on a comal (cast iron griddle) one by one until each are soft and warm. Then, fill each one with your preferred fillings. Don’t forget the salsa!

I don’t make my own tortillas – yet. I may begin making fresh corn tortillas in the morning as a way of meditation. What do you think? I want to clear my mind, set my intentions for the day and end up with warm tortillas de maíz. Hashtag life hack?

Tacos Taste Better With Fresh Salsa

Fresh salsa is a must on all my tacos. You’ll read below that I use my blender for my iced coffee. So, instead of using it to make fresh salsa, too, I save myself that step and buy Cocina Fresca because it’s my best breakfast hack. My morning time varies each day. I need a real go-to fresh salsa on hand at all times.

Cocina Fresca is my favorite choice because of its taste and how fresh it really is. Cocina Fresca uses a high technology process called HPP (High Pressure Processed) to keep their salsas fresh, healthy, safe, convenient, and affordable for busy moms like me. The shelf-life is 120 days from date of manufacture without any use of preservatives, additives or heat processing.

On my breakfast tacos, I love the Medium Serrano and Medium-Hot Habanero flavors. I also serve my family and friends Mild Jalapeño and Mild Sweet Onion flavors with tostadas, on nachos or any Tex-Mex dish. But, give me any of the four flavors at any time.

A company that can use technology to deliver fresh salsa also has some great life hacks on their new blog. You can find hacks and more at The Scoop on their website. And, because their salsa is so fresh, you can find Cocina Fresca in your refrigerated produce or deli department of your local grocery stores.

#BreakfastHack DIY Iced Coffee

Hot tacos? Yes. Hot coffee? Not every day. With temperatures so high, hot coffee isn’t what I want every morning. I’ve tried all kinds of iced coffees. Usually, I’m hesitant to spend money on them because I can’t enjoy them with so much sugar. After testing various recipes, I finally adjusted a few to create my own that I can use at any time. Because let’s face it, even when it’s 100 degrees outside, I still want my coffee and I want it strong.

Here’s my suggestion for DIY Iced Coffee: Brew coffee (the night before). Pour 2 cups of coffee into ice cube tray. Freeze for at least 5 hours. Pour rest of brewed coffee into a plastic container and put in the refrigerator. The next morning, place coffee cubes in a blender, add creamer of choice, add refrigerated coffee. Blend. Serve immediately.

I like this method more than just adding ice to cold coffee because as the drink warms and the cubes melt, it doesn’t get watered down. DIY iced coffee is a better choice because you can control the amount of creamer, sugar and coffee. If preferred, you don’t have to use a blender. Add all the ingredients into a glass and stir.

We can have it all –  tacos topped with fresh salsa and a hot coffee or a cold cafecito in hand. We just need a few breakfast hacks to get them every day.