Believe. Achieve. Succeed. Action Steps for Success #InThisTogether

{Disclosure: Strayer hired me to write this blog post on their behalf as an Educational Ambassador but all opinions are 100% my own.}

For the third year in a row, People en Español’s FESTIVAL wrapped up one season and forwards us into the next! This time of year is invigorating  because we begin not only a new season of the calendar year and school year but that season begins with a celebration of cultura and success – Hispanic Heritage Month!

This year was particularly special because I was a part of a success team – Strayer University who served as FESTIVAL’s Official Higher Ed Sponsor. Sharing stories that cross topics of both education and culture is a common thing around here. That’s why I considered it an honor to be on this team. At FESTIVAL, I observed the Strayer team interact with and encourage FESTIVAL attendees to define success for themselves. In my own city, this team was sharing the importance of education AND their own resources to help the attendees reach their definition of success.

Dr. Irene Zoppi-Rodriguez

The Strayer University contributed to my life at FESTIVAL in two ways – allowed me to learn from and be inspired by my fellow ambassadors and allowed me to have a productive one-on-one session with a personal success coach.

My fellow Strayer University Blogger Ambassadors were amazing and supportive team members! Iron sharpens iron and these blogueros are sharp. It’s not everyday that you get partnered with a team like this. Thank you, Strayer! (Pictured below: me, Anjelica of; Eileen Campos of; Juan of and  George Torres of

Strayer Universtiy Blogger Ambassadors

3 Action Steps for Success

Yuriko Almonte, Strayer University Success Coach, met with me for my fifteen-minute one-on-one session and gave me 3 action items to focus on for a successful future. They were meant for you, too.

1. BELIEVE. Set clear goals. If I don’t have goals to work toward, how will I know when I hit my goals? Yearly goals and five-ear goals must be defined as well as visualized. I’m using the SMART Goal Method to keep myself accountable for reaching my goals.

2. ACHIEVE. Have a plan and manage my time. Once I have my goals in place, I must create a plan to get there. I’ve been extremely blessed recently with extraordinary opportunities. Now, I must create my plan to continue with this momentum reach my goals. Time management has not ever been a strength of mine so I’ll need extra help and support around this. That’s okay. I’m not afraid to ask for support.

3. SUCCEED. Hold on to what makes my story unique. I confided in Yuri (and now all of you) that I wasn’t sure what made me unique was enough. At times, I feel like my story is not any more special than anyone else’s. Yuri turned my self talk around. She reminded me that no one has my story and holding on to it would lead me to success.

Believe Achieve Succeed

She’s right, queridos! Each of us has our own unique story. Don’t lose sight of that. I’m using what is unique about me to achieve my goals of success.

Success to me is using the power of story telling to inspire others, discover new possibilities, and empower my community. This month is a special month to inspire others to celebrate and discover Latino/Hispanic culture. (That’s my goal for this month.)

What does success look like to you? 

Strayer University can help! Did you know each student at Strayer University is partnered with their own personal Success Coach like Yuriko? Find out more information about a campus near you or available classes at StrayerUniversity.