Baby Driver Advanced Screening Passes + Eiza Gonzalez as Darling

After being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail in Edgar Wright’s BABY DRIVER.

BABY DRIVER stars Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars), Kevin Spacey (“House of Cards”), Lily James (Cinderella), Jon Bernthal (“The Walking Dead”), Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”), Jamie Foxx (Sleepless) and Eiza Gonzalez (“From Dusk til Dawn”). This lineup doesn’t disappoint me. I just finished binge-watching “House of Cards” which I only ever started watching because of Kevin Spacey. Add Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx to the the group and you have my attention. However, I’m looking forward to seeing the Latina act with this already great cast – Eiza Gonzalez.

Eiza Gonzalez plays Darling in upcoming movie BABY DRIVER and she was recommended to writer and director Edgar Wright by his friend, director Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez told Wright, “This girl’s going to be huge, you should meet her.”

Wright agreed and says about Eiza, “She’s a total knockout, and very sweet, very funny, but when she turns her edge on, she’s terrifying. It’s a similar thing that you get with Jon (Hamm) and Eiza in the movie. They seem like the nice ones, but when they themselves are threatened, their lashing out is really scary to watch.”

Buddy (JON HAMM) and Darling (EIZA GONZALEZ) find out why Baby always listens to music in TriStar Pictures’ BABY DRIVER. ©2017 TriStar Pictures, Inc. and MRC II Distribution Company L.P. All Rights Reserved.

“I loved how Darling was such a unique character who is crazy and a little disconnected with reality, which I think every criminal has to be able to accomplish dangerous activities like bank heists or killing people. You definitely have to be a little bit disconnected. But I loved how she was still very feminine,” says Gonzalez.

To prepare for the role Gonzalez explains, “I really wanted to represent a woman who understands this world, so I got into researching Candice Martinez, dubbed ‘The Cell Phone Bandit’ for always talking on her phone during her robberies. It was important for me to try to understand someone’s motivations behind choosing this lifestyle, so I read a lot about her and listened to her story and her background and where she was coming from.”

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Baby (ANSEL ELGORT) charms Debora as she works in TriStar Pictures’ BABY DRIVER. ©2017 TriStar Pictures, Inc. and MRC II Distribution Company L.P. All Rights Reserved.