Amigas, Música and Memories – Enrique and JLo Tour 2012

You know that moment you unexpectedly hear a song and it takes you back to that special time of your life when that song was playing over and over? Your mind goes straight back to those memories.

One of the reasons I love Enrique Iglesias’ music is because it takes me back to memories that make me smile – my college days. At the time Spanish pop was emerging and Enrique was hot, hot, hot. I had never heard anyone sing like Enrique or seen anyone who looked like Enrique. And I had it bad! So did my two best amigas, Susana and Crystal.  Bonding over Enrique’s love songs was something we did often.

We each have our own special memories of what some of his songs remind us of. Back in the day, we used to talk on the phone for hours. Ahhhh … the days before Facebook and Twitter. Susana reminded me when she was listening to Enrique’s song “Si Tu Te Vas” and talking to Crystal on the phone. With a broken heart, she sobbed, “I just don’t understand. I love him so much.” Phew! A broken heart at 19 can be serious stuff and at the time I’m sure it was. I mean they were talking on the phone, crying AND playing the sad songs!! Ay, ay, ay! Today, we smile and laugh about how dramatic the scene was. (We do laugh at ourselves often.)

In those days, Enrique sang in Spanish. However, Crystal would take the time to look up the lyrics and translate them. Y’all know I didn’t know Spanish so I was happy she did it!  It was always funny to hear the literal translations! Or even better, when we couldn’t understand the words, we’d make them up even if they didn’t make sense. “I need a noodle entree tu yo” sounds just like “hay un muro entre tu y yo”, no?! hahaha. To this day, I call it the noodle song. Nonetheless, Crystal and I both agree listening to Enrique made us want to learn Español.  Crystal wanted to be able to belt out the lyrics as we danced the night away!

Appropriately, I went to my first concert with these two chicas. (circa 1999) That’s a whole other story.

Most recently, I saw Enrique in concert with my sister. She wanted to see Pitbull and I wanted to see Enrique. It was our first concert together! And more memories were made. I will forever remember her excitement every time I hear “Tonight” and she gets to remember and laugh at my tears when Enrique sang "Hero" and took that lucky girl in his arms on stage. Pues, it should’ve been me.

Needless to say, estoy muy excited to see Enrique and JLo in their upcoming tour! Even though, I know Enrique won’t be playing his Spanish only love ballads, I hope we a get one romantic song as this time, I will be attending a concert for the first time with mi esposo. If not, we can get down to JLo’s “Dance Again.” Psst … I’ll be tweeting too. Follow me at @mendezgonzales.

How do you feel about making memories to la musica de Enrique or JLo? B

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Go create your own memories to the music!!


Disclaimer: Qué Means What has been offered a pair of tickets to the Enrique and J.Lo concert in San Antonio on August 23, 2012. All embarrassing stories and opinions are my own.