Always have a plan B

I made a commitment to publish one post for 35 days. I have 36 minutes left in this day and I’m just now typing.

“What am I going to blog about!?!” I kept asking my husband on the drive home from dinner at a friend’s home.

I rush in the house, get the boys in bed and pick up my laptop to go get settled in my bed and begin my post. My laptop is one of those fancy ones that doesn’t work without being plugged in. I know, fancy. (new battery is arriving tomorrow, thank you Amazon) I pull out my brand new lap desk with a fan to keep me cool and comfy, place my laptop on the lap desk and reach for my power cord … reach for my power cord … reeeeeaach for my power cord. Yep, no power cord!

I left it behind at work.

“UGH! I have an hour to publish this post! I don’t have my power cord!” I holler at my husband.

“Blog about that,” he calmly responds.

Whatever. As I grab the iPad and open up the Worpress app, I’m thinking, “Where’s the message in that?”

Then I go back to my bed, get comfy with my blankets and iPad. 39 minutes … Hmmm, if I could only say one thing to one person, what would it be? … “Have a plan.”

My plan tonight was to come home and blog on my “fancy” but appreciated laptop. And now I have plan B. Type this post on my touchscreen iPad instead of my desired keyboard. Plan B keeps me from breaking my 35 post commitment.

So, I take it back. I’d tell someone, “Always have a plan B.”

Our dinner with friends was learning about homeschooling. We were planning to send them to public school. Now homeschool may be plan B. (that’s another post) Particularly for wives who don’t work, have a plan B. You might not need to work right now but have a plan B just in case. You may plan for your children to go to college, but what if they don’t or can’t? Prepare for a plan B.

And really that’s it. Always have a plan B. Things just might not always go the way you plan them. You might have to make tweaks to your original plan. You might have to find another route to your destination. But always, always have a plan B.

What’s your plan B?

5 minutes to spare.

post 14 of 35 …