Celebrating Our Summer of Fútbol 2014 #CelebrateCloser #Ad

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For my family, this summer will be noted as our Summer of Fútbol or Summer of Soccer 2014! Not because we are playing soccer but because we are watching the most exciting matches in Brazil! Even when we aren’t in the same room, we know we will be watching together. At dinner time, we touch base about who won the day’s matches. With several of our teams’ matches ending in a tie, we’ve mostly been teaching the boys that we didn’t win or lose. Despite a bit of confusion, it hasn’t seem to reduce the excitement for future games – for me and for them.

summer of futbol


1. I’VE LEARNED THE GAME, sorta. Google searches and good friends have help teach me more about the rules of soccer, for example, I know what ‘offsides’ means. Unfortunately, I still can’t tell when it happens before I hear the call.  I’ve also taken the time to learn about upcoming Round of 16 and which countries have been playing in which Groups. (That’s a lie. I know who USA and Mexico are playing and who the need to beat – or tie – to move on to the next round.)

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2. THE FANS. Fútbol fans have always been my favorite sports fans since my 2002 summer abroad in Spain. I had no idea what was happening then but I knew that NO FANS were as passionate about a sport as fútbol fans. Now, many are crying that USA has bandwagon soccer fans. Maybe so. No, yes. Yes, there are many bandwagon fans. Pero, the more the merrier, no? I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by both die-hard fútbol fans AND fresh-spirited bandwagon fans. Besides, who’s crying about fútbol bringing us all closer together?!

3. CONNECTING WITH MI FAMILIA. My oldest son is finally at an age where he can get excited about this sport. We went to our first live fútbol match earlier this year when Mexico’s El Tri played Korea in a friendly match in San Antonio. That experience grew his excitement for the sport. This summer, we have been all-things-fútbol! We get to cheer for not just one but two teams! Claro, we are Mexican – Americans! One day it’s all green, white and red … the next, it’s red, white and blue. No te precupes. It’s all good. This summer of fútbol is also a time to share our Mexican and American heritage and pride with our children.  The further our teams go, the closer we will get.

USA vs POR match

Admittedly, kids don’t sit in front of the TV watching every minute but they know when to scream: GooooooooooooooolShouting goal is a unique explosion of joy, regardless of who’s sitting next to you, as long as it’s someone from the same team as yours. That’s why it’s important that you’re prepared with Crest Complete + Scope. The further your team goes, the closer you get.

The video below is a great and funny example from Crest of how soccer brings us closer together. I’ve actually seen a scene or two this summer while watching fútbol matches this summer with family and friends. Remember, fútbol fans are the best!

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