Summer 2014 ~ El Machito Restaurant Opens in San Antonio

It’s been a busy summer! Before it’s over, I’ll share with you some of the new dining spots I’ve had the pleasure to visit. I hope you’ll get to experience, too.

El Machito

First up is Chef Johnny Hernandez’ new restaurant El Machito. One of the reasons that I enjoyed this restaurant is because it’s more than just food. The food is a vehicle to bring community together. The venue serves as a place for birthday celebrations and special events. The decor and style of cooking is a celebration of Mexican culture that Chef Johnny brings to our San Antonio.

I asked Chef Johnny what made El Machito different than his previous establishments, and he insists it this traditional Mexican style of grilling the meat over the Texas mesquite wood. The ‘asadero’ or the open grill where all the meat is prepared also serves as an attraction for patrons to see as it sits in plain site from the dining room. Watch Chef Johnny share about this special grill in the video below.

{The Biggest Grill in Texas with Johnny Hernandez from Tasting Table on Vimeo.}

Dining and Menu

You can dine inside or on the patio both decorated with rustic art pieces to create an authentic Mexican atmosphere. Combine that with a great tequila drinks or Mexican beer from the bar and El Machito is a celebration of its own unique Mexican dining in South Texas.

Meats like carne asada or cecina asada are served by the half pound for family style dinner and lunch. Enchilada specialties are on the menu as well as traditional side dishes such as rice and beans. The drink menu has your tequila specialties, cervezas and a selection of red and white wines.

El Machito is located in the Quarry Shopping Center off Jones Maltsberger. Visit for directions and the full menu.

Photos from Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting

The official grand opening of Chef Johnny’s latest dining spot was in June 2014. Mariachis, local business leaders, family and friends were in attendance to congratulate and welcome El Machito to San Antonio.