Why I Want You to Join Me for KLRN’s 50th Anniversary of Blazing Gavels Auction 2016

Public Broadcasting Stations have always been on in my house. Growing up, we didn’t always have cable but we always had the PBS station. Hello, Sesame Street?! Today, after many years of having cable, we’ve cut the cord but you know what we still get? Our local PBS station – KLRN.


This free educational resource is critical to families. If we are going to allow screen time in the house, why not make it fun and educational?! My boys have found a love for reading because of shows that air on KLRN like Super WHY. Curious George is a favorite in this house because of the mono chistoso but also because the show encourages exploration and curiosity. Other shows that have helped me, as a mom, engage my boys in learning about nature and science have been Wild Kratts and Sid the Science Kid.

A few of my personal favorite shows and specials are about Latinos in America. On this blog, education on our own culture is given a priority. Thanks for PBS stations, I can watch these important documentaries from the comfort of my own home. More importantly, I can share some amazing resources for many to watch. Some of my favorites are:

Latino Americans

On Two Fronts: Latinos & Vietnam

It’s not secret that I’m always working on my Spanish. I’m not a native speaker and need all the help I can get. Mi suegra learned English by watching English-language television. I’m taking her lead by watching the Spanish-language shows available on KLRN-Vme. Desayunos y Meriendas is the perfect mix of learning Spanish and recipes for delicious treats.

Latino Americans on PBS

Most recently, KLRN kept me completely engaged when they aired The National Parks of Texas: In Contact With Beauty and invited me to co-host a live Twitter party. Not only did I get to learn more about our beloved National Parks in Texas but I was able to chat with all of you as we watched together.

Queridos, these programs are so important for us as a community to be able to access. Life-long learning is how we continue to grow. Early childhood education programs is how we start our children to become life-long learners. These are the reasons why I invite you to join me for KLRN’s 50th Anniversary of Blazing Gavels Auction.

KLRN’s 50th Anniversary of Blazing Gavels and the Blazing Bloggers 2016


Tonight, I will join the staff and many volunteers at KLRN for their 50th Anniversary of the Blazing Gavels Auction as one of the BLAZING BLOGGERS!

DYK that KLRN and all Public Broadcasting Stations are non-profits? They must find funding to stay on air. The largest fundraiser for KRLN is Blazing Gavels Auction and this year it’s the 50th Anniversary.

The 2016 Blazing Gavels Auction will be live on-air and open for bidding June 8-11 and 15-18, starting at 7PM each of those evenings. Bidding on-line may begin once an item is posted on this website. On-line items will also be presented on-air (unless otherwise noted) and the closing times are concurrent with on-air closings.

Blazing Gavels attracts tens of thousands of donors and bidders from across San Antonio and beyond, all to help support KLRN’s educational and children’s programming. – www.blazinggavels.com

JOIN ME for the fun, tune-in to KLRN TV (channel 9), and bid for your favorite items tonight! Of course, I’ll be snapping, tweeting and posting on Instagram and Facebook all night long. Be sure to follow along on social media for behind-the-scenes fun! My username everywhere is quemeanswhat.

To get a head start on what’s available for bidding, visit www.blazinggavels.com.

If you would like more information on being part of the Auction as a donor, please contact John Costello at (210) 208-8435 or jcostello@klrn.org.