My Life Unwound Like Curling Ribbon

curling-ribbon-lifeThis is kind of a THROWBACK THURSDAY. The following never made it to QMW … it was a ‘note’ on my former Mary Kay Consultant Facebook Fan page dated May 6, 2010. QMW was started seven months later. It gives me a reminder of the things I intended on sharing … hope you enjoy.

My life is like curling ribbon …

In my ‘home office’, I have my gift bag supplies to dress up my customers’ product packages. One item I have is a fun spool of pink curling ribbon. I love curling ribbon. I try to see how long I can get that ribbon to curl! Well, apparently my 3 year old loves a good spool of curling ribbon too! In his imagination, he can unroll almost the entire spool, tangle it all up and it becomes his ‘spider webs’! In his mind he IS Spider Man.

Of course, once this happened I was too tired and frustrated to untangle the web and roll that ribbon back on the spool. So it laid on my floor, then I put it on my desk, and then back in its home but still tangled up as a spider web. When I needed it, instead of finding the correct end, I would just cut right in the middle and pull out the needed amount.

Finally, I pulled the web apart …

I found I had various lengths of ribbon already cut. Eventually, I was able to get the majority back on the spool. Here’s what I discovered: you can never get the spool to look exactly the way it did (now it’s not as tightly wound); having pre cut pieces is beneficial; and the spool has a new, improved home (hanging high in the closet, not tossed in a basket).

It made me think about what I believe in my plan for me v. God’s plan for me. This spool is kind of like my life. Once, it was all tight and ‘in it’s (my) place’. And then it became this tangled web as a result of various life desicions. See, I saw it as a mess, God knew it was part of His plan. Instead of addressing ‘the mess’, I just kept moving it around and taking the good pieces when I needed them. Finally, I made a decision to address my ‘mess’ without knowing the end result. I discovered that once my faith was stretched I can’t go back to being the same as before. I discovered there were different pieces in that mess of mine that are even more beneficial now. I discovered a new, improved place … my trust in God’s plan.

I’m buying my 3 year old a spool of white ribbon for his webs.