Inspiration 4 Life ~ Zumbathon

Welcome to ZumbathonInspiration 4 Life is a community based (and non-profit) organization that is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle education and providing inspiration for all demographics in San Antonio and to those they reach around the world via programs on and off the air.

This past weekend, they hosted their first Zumbathon to raise funds in order to fund many of their programs which are designed to motivate, educate, transform and restore their community. It’s hard to believe they have accomplished so much without many fundraisers of the sort but founder, Rita Hernandez, and her team don’t let anything get in their way. The entire event consisted of a Zumbathon – that’s right, Zumba early on a Saturday morning; a health lecture series with local professionals; and a health and vendor fair. Zumbathon Collage

Have you ever been to a Zumbathon? If not, find one and get there fast. It will knock your socks off! The atmosphere at the Candler Physical Education Facility at San Antonio College was electric and charged! The gym was filled with people moving and working up a sweat to loud and thumping Zumba beats. If you were not on the floor with quick feet and poppin’ hips, you couldn’t help but smile and watch families, moms, daughters and amigas Zumba their hearts out. They made working out look FUN! The floor was full and bleachers were empty. It was hard to walk away but I wanted to hear a at least one of the professional lectures.


Little did I know about the surprise I’d find as a part of the lecture series. Dr. Patsy Torres Lucero, PhD was slotted to address ‘Spirituality and Health.’ I knew that Tejano music star Patsy Torres was scheduled to perform at the event. It didn’t take long to make the connection that this Reyna de la Musica Tejana was the same person who would lead an inspiring lecture about her dissertation on “A Sense of Purpose.”  I’m always in admiration of Latinas with a PhD. So I had to check out a Latina with a PhD who also happens to be a Tejano music Hall of Fame-er. In summary, Dr. Torres shared with us how she discovered, through research, that a sense of purpose is closely connected to one’s beliefs about faith, spirituality and God. Hearing her speak was more than worth the early rise on a Saturday morning. Her words were authentic and her passion flowed through as she shared her work with us.  Patsy shared that even with her huge success as a Tejano music artist, her heart was always set on being Dr. Torres … just like her grandpa.

The crowd did receive a special performance from the doctor. She performed a few great songs that got everyone moving again – instead of Zumba, we were dancing the cumbia.

To round out the event, Inspiration 4 Life brought together health and wellness vendors for the attendees to learn more about their own health as well as what is happening in their community. Because it’s all about community. Sponsors provided free health screenings, de-stressing massages and samples of healthy snacks and drinks. Local organizations also displayed projects currently under way to serve the community like San Antonio College’s Scobee Planetarium’s Renovation and PoPo’s We-Cyle bicycle restoration program. (More on both of these in future posts.)health fair and vendors

Learn more about the Inspiration 4 Life’s programs and where you can attend FREE Zumba classes in San Antonio at Tell us, if it’s not an event like this, what INSPIRES you?