How To Create a Nature Journal and Enjoy the Outdoors

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Help your kids become more aware of the colorful nature that surrounds them and spend time outdoors. Our family does this by getting outdoors together, creating fun nature journals and making our outdoor time special. Creating nature journals will encourage kids to be creative and build their curiosity for the outdoors.

How To Create a Nature Journal and Enjoy the Outdoors
Get Outdoors Together
Moving kids from indoors to outdoors is easier when you eliminate barriers and objectives they may have. If it is too hot, plan morning or evening activities. If pesky bugs are the issue, have plenty of bug spray on hand. If they want to be with friends, schedule outdoor playdates or field trips.

Fear can be one of the biggest obstacles. Kids may be a bit afraid of the unknown. Prepare everyone (including yourself) with some research and a discussion about outdoor safety. Depending on where you live or the area you are visiting, you will need to get familiar with the safe areas to explore and unsafe areas. Stay alert of poisonous plants and dangerous insects around you. And, have an emergency plan that everyone is aware of.

Parent Tip: Make a list of places they would like to go and activities they’d like to do. Print it out and post it on the fridge. Set a goal date to check off each item. Choose a reward for the entire family!
How To Create a Nature Journal and Enjoy the Outdoors
How to Create a Nature Journal
To keep kids engaged in the outdoors, create a nature journal. One of the most fascinating things about nature is that it’s ever-changing. However, if we don’t observe it on a regular basis, it’s easy to take the changes for granted. Creating a journal of drawings and thoughts will give us something to reflect on as each season changes.

The journal can be and should be very simple. An empty notebook or sketchbook will do. Using different colors for the covers will distinguish each kid’s journal and keep things colorful and fun! Carry plenty of sharpened pencils with erasers with you. Make it more exciting by bringing along colored pencils to get creative.

You and your kids can journal about any and everything you see outdoors. Here are a few prompts to help you get started. Draw a sketch or write a few words about the following as a separate entry in your nature journal:  
  • Find water in nature – a creek, a pond, or dew on leaves.
  • Search for animal tracks.
  • Draw the landscape of places you visit
  • Look up at the sky from different parts of your neighborhood.
  • Dig through the dirt.
  • Listen for the birds and look up in the trees.
Parent Tip: Encourage your kids to use their strengths. If they love to draw, encourage the sketches but if they are great with words, encourage poems or even song lyrics.

Make This Time Special
Spending time outdoors together works best when everyone feels like they have something to contribute. Share the responsibilities with your kids. One can be the time keeper if you are on a schedule for the day. One can be in charge of bringing the journal supplies. One can be in charge of your favorite treats for a picnic or a simple break.

On our outdoor expedition, we packed a blanket and two of favorite drink Tampico juices – Island Punch and Kiwi Strawberry Punch. Each of my kids were responsible for their favorite flavor.  We chose Tampico as the special treat because it’s the imaginatively curious juice drink that helps our family live its most colorful life!
This season, my family is documenting our memories for the Tampico It’s a Colorful Life Scrapbook Challenge. Join us! Visit to follow along or create your own It’s A Colorful Life Scrapbook.

Helping your kids think and see thoroughly the nature that’s around can be fun and engaging for the entire family any season. Do it together by creating nature journals and making this time special.

How are you and your family making this summer a colorful one?

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