Done Is Better Than Perfect

done is better than perfect


This dicho or saying has been on my mind and in my heart. I’m looking at a list of eight blog topics that I have been desperately wanting to share with you. Why have I not share them? Because everything has not been PERFECT. There are photos to edit and words to match. Some days I’m just not “in the mood” to put all my words together so you will completely grasp the message I want to convey with each story.

Well, ENOUGH! I admit: there are days that I feel the physical act of blogging gets in the way of living and experiencing the actual events that I want to share with you. However, I can’t wait until everything is PERFECT. Plain and simple, these words must make it to these blog posts so they are out of my head! My hope always is to inspire you as I have been inspired. That isn’t possible if I don’t get the words out. 

So, here is my new series

Done Is Better Than Perfect.

When you see that phrase at the end of one of my future posts, it indicates that I’ve been holding on to it until I thought it would be PERFECT. Instead, I’m giving it my best shot and YOU get to experience it just as it is. Hopefully, we can still celebrate, discover this life y nuestra cultura! This is as real as I can get with you, mi gente.

What do you think? Have there been times you just had to agree that done is better than perfect?!