Parents and Education: Are you concerned about doing a good job? #DoinGood

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Do you drive your children to their school’s front door? Maybe you walk your children a block short of the campus and watch them as they finish the walk alone, maybe you kiss them good-bye at the door of the yellow bus or maybe you sit with them at the table of your homeschool room. Whichever is your situation, parents who see their children off to the start of a new school day are doing a good job.

An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends. Benjamin Franklin,

After the children start another school year, various concerns about education can occupy parents’ minds on a daily basis.

“Is this the right school for my child?”

“Am I teaching him enough?”

“Should he learn a foreign language?”

“Did I help her prepare enough for that test?”

“Are they learning good study habits?”

“Will mija be ready for college next year?”

… The list goes on.

In my conversations with friends and other parents, in which I heard all of the above questions, one common thread is clear. These parents stay involved in their children’s education. These parents continue to educate themselves about how to better support their student. These parents are doing a good job!

Education is nothing more, nor less, than learning to think. Quote -

Sometimes, doing a good job means adding a tutoring class. Sometimes, it means taking a risk and making a move to a different school or trying a new, non-traditional charter school. Doing a good job can also mean changing nothing and continuing to fill their child with belief. For some parents, it means spending more time with their child to be creative and put classroom lessons to real life use. While this may be scary or out of the parents’ comfort zone, they are still doing a good job.

Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them. LBJ

There are so many other tasks, concerns, ideas that take up our thoughts. Don’t worry about whether or not you are doing a good job as a parent. Easier said than done. I understand, queridos. I don’t know a parent who doesn’t worry.

When it comes to my children’s education, I seek out the best resources and mentors to help me as a homeschool mom. I am constantly researching new teaching curricula. Recently, that included a visit to a local TV station to learn about a new virtual learning resource for our community. While I am confident most days, there are many moments that I question, “Am I doing a good job?”

Parents #DoinGood by Seeking Resources for Education -

So, to the parents who ask themselves. “Am I doing the right thing when it comes to my child’s education?”

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