Communication is Key in Staying Engaged in Your Child’s Education

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Ongoing research shows that family engagement in schools improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and restores parents’ confidence in their children’s education. (

Parents are their children’s most important people in their education career and teachers are second. In my personal conversations with other parents, I have learned that how well they ‘like’ their child’s teacher strongly depends on the communication they have with the teacher. Typically, parents want information about how their child is learning, what their child is learning and how they behave in class. It is also important for parents to share with teachers how the child is doing at home, if any important changes would affect the child at school. Open communication between these parties will lead to more engagement which will benefit the student.

Raising the Pride - LivingTree conncects the people who raise and develop our children.

In a study listed in the Economics of Education Review, it was reported that communication as simple as a weekly one-sentence teacher-to-parent messaging intervention reduced the percentage of students who failed summer courses from 16% to 9%. Parental engagement is correlated with student performance. If the example above is telling of what simple communication can do, it would be to the benefit of all students to improve parent-teacher communication.

There’s still one piece missing. Language. Many times, especially in the Latino community, parents aren’t engaged simply because of the difficulty of communicating with faculty who don’t speak the same language. Often, the student is expected to translate between parents and teachers. This obviously has its flaws.

How can parent-teacher communication improve to ensure that all parties work together for the student’s education?

One place to start is taking a look at how an online resource like LivingTree could serve your family and school. LivingTree is a single, private and secure place to connect and coordinate via conversations (messages, photos, files, links), shared calendar (volunteer management, notifications, reminders, and more), private messaging, and more. LivingTree extends learning beyond the classroom to further develop children through building community relationships.

LivingTree on the Go -

Since we are all busy and always on-the-go, any communication tool serves the user better when it can be accessed from mobile devices. The LivingTree network platform can be accessed via the web, or any iPhone or Android product. It supports translation in 40+ languages and is built on the latest web and mobile technologies and backed by a highly scalable cloud deployment.

Parents can type and receive messages in their native language while teachers can type and receive messages in English. As the Hispanic population continues to grow in the United States, this is an important issue to address. Parents deserve to have easier communication with their child’s teachers despite a difference in language.

WATCH the testimonial from Irving ISD below:

Consider signing up for your own account on I did! I can see myself using this platform for our own organizations to stay connected easily but not on social media. You can still join the communication on social media. In fact, join us for a Twitter Party this week!

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10 Responses

  1. Bri says:

    I am really loving how technology is allowing parents, students, and teachers to stay more connected and involved with providing the best information and tools so a child can succeed. will be so vital for many parents and teachers.

  2. Laura says:

    It’s great how technology is changing and improving the student teacher parent relationship.

  3. some level of communicaiton with parents teacher is definitely needed. I don;t believe the teachers should spend too much time writing daily emails explaining their day. A good balance always works best.

  4. Jennifer B says:

    This sounds like a wonderful way for parents and teachers to connect, no matter what language barriers there are.

  5. Rachee says:

    I love that I can check my daughter’s grades, drop a line to her teacher and take care of a few other things on line. Technology, when it’s used, is pretty good. Her last school never updated the site so that was frustrating. This year has been great.

  6. Yes, yes, yes! My parents were constantly in communications with our teachers all through school. I really feel that that made us better students and that we learned more in the end. Thanks for sharing girl!

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