FROZEN Movie Review ~ Messy, Real and Funny #HaceFrioFrozen

Disney's FROZEN is a story about two princess sisters, Elsa and Anna, who grow up isolated from one another. Elsa was born with magical powers she is afraid to use and Anna is kept in the dark about them. On Elsa's 18th birthday, her magical powers end up freezing the whole kingdom Arendelle. She isolates herself in a self-created frozen castle where she safe to use her powers but is again, isolated. Anna must go find her sister to help her save herself, their relationship and their kingdom. Along the journey, Anna meets some unusual and quite funny characters who help her with more than finding her sister.

disney-frozenThis storyline becomes messy and real. Honestly, at first that turned me off.  I expect an adventurous story with some challenges in the middle but ultimately a happy ending. FROZEN is a bit deeper with real heart and emotion. Elsa's self-imposed isolation is a bit resemblance of a real depression. We know she loves her sister and not only can she not be near her, she ends up harming her. Yet, all Anna wants is to be close to her big sister. There is real emotion here.

However, it is also met with wonderful comedic surprises! First, Anna is quite adorable and witty! She doesn't give up and is quick with the comebacks. You can't help but immediately fall in love with this little sister. Then, Olaf is introduced along her journey to find Elsa. FROZEN-movie-reviewDisney has not created an character quite like Olaf as far as I'm concerned. He is a snowman who loves to hug people and loves the idea of summer without understanding the consequences of heat for a snowman. This is where his child like nature makes your heart smile. Olaf never gets down or angry. He is only full of pure love and joy.He was created by Elso. While she appears dark and cold, I think Olaf is her idea of what her love and heart really are. The comedic play between Anna, Kristoff and Olaf will have both children and adults laughing! 

Disney also created an amazing winter wonderland with the 3D effects in FROZEN! It is an experience all on it's own. I found myself saying ooooohh and ahhhhh several times as Ana and Kristoff were on their journey and especially when Elsa was building her castle. 

All in all, with the balance of the real heart and emotion with the hilarious comedic surprises combined with the 3D effects, and adventure, this movie works. The writers do keep the audience on the edge of their seats with what's to come next. You just might have a little bit of something for everyone from little ones to tweens to adults. 

One more suprise is Idina Menzel, a Tony Award-winning actress who lends her strong and beautiful voice as Elsa. She sings "Let It Go" in the movie and Demi Lovato has a version of it on the FROZEN Soundtrack. It is a song about Elsa finally letting go and being able to use her powers without fear. I was surprised to see Elsa's transformation while she sang this powerhouse song. This song is an emotional song for anyone holding anything back from the world. Below is Demi Lovato's video of ther version. 

FROZEN is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee (director/writer) and produced by Peter Del Vecho. It stars Kristen Bell as Ana, Idina Menzel as Elsa, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, Josh Gad as Olaf, Santino Fontana as Hans, Alan Tudyk as Duke, Ciarán Hinds as Pabbie. It is in theaters in 3D on November 27, 2013. Like FROZEN on Facebook for more updates about this movie. 

**Be sure to get there early. You will NOT want to miss the special 3-D mini-movie from Mickey and the gang!