Can You Help These Families During Child Abuse Prevention Month?

As our daily lives continue to change because of COVID-19 and we have to stay home, I think of the children who may be at risk for child abuse and neglect. I want to help but how if we are all self-quarantined? I reached out to my friends at Texas CASA for guidance and they informed me that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. So, here are a few ways we can help families with simple acts of kindness: check in on our friends; offer a family meal; show support online. 

SHARE a social media photo to show your support! Make it a picture of you wearing blue or use the one below with the blue ribbon.

National Child Abuse Prevention Blue Ribbon
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National Child Abuse Prevention Blue Ribbon

Check in On Friends to Help Reduce Stress

It’s important to state that we don’t know what’s happening in someone else’s home. We do know that stress can be a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect. In this time of COVID-19, stress is likely increased due to anxiety around the uncertainty. So, if we communicate and offer to help one another, we can help prevent child abuse. Check in with your friends, family and neighbors. Be clear that you have genuine concern for their well-being. Be specific in any help you can offer to meet their needs, even if it’s simply a listening ear.

Offer a Family Meal as a Simple Act of Kindness

Another act of kindness to commit is offering a meal to a family. Before COVID-19, we know that 11% of families in the U.S. experience some type of food insecurity. With less resources, that number is likely to increase. Donating a nutritious meal can make all the difference to a caregiver struggling to fill their pantry. You don’t even have to cook the meal. If you prefer, order the ingredients of a nutritious meal and have it delivered.

NOTE: Families may be aware of food pantry donations but they may not be able to access them due to lack of transportation. 

Share a photo of you wearing blue or the blue ribbon to support child abuse prevention.
SHARE a social media photo to show your support.

Show Online Support for Child Abuse Prevention

Finally, show your support online for helping to prevent child abuse. Change your social media profile pics to show your support! Update it to a picture of you wearing blue or use the one below with the blue ribbon. Use hashtags like #BecomeACASA #TheCASADifference #NCAPM2020 

Also, share quality resources with your friends online. Some examples from the Texas CASA website are:

Caregivers, like the rest of us, are spending more time online a lot more during this quarantine. They may not tell you on the phone that they need help. Yet, if they see a resource from a trusted friend, like you, they may take action.

These simple acts of kindness really can make a difference. Queridos, we are all in this together. Take care of yourself first and commit simple acts of kindness to help others. As a community, we can come together to support families and make sure they know they are not in this alone. Let families know that their community is behind them.

To help more families on a different level, become a CASA volunteer. Find out more at

Child Abuse Prevention Month - How to Help Families