Build a Digital Community and Audience That Works for You ~ My Kia Sedona Review

I recently had the absolute pleasure of speaking to groups of women at the Texas Conference for Women on How to Maximize Your Blog’s Reach. I”m still not over how amazing it feels to share resources and information with others to help them reach their goals.

The one question that I was asked the most was “How do I know what to blog about?”

There are many ways to answer that question. One tip is to write down the questions that you get asked the most and answer those questions in blog posts. You are the expert in your industry and people often ask you the same questions.

My favorite suggestion for anyone who is looking to build a digital community or audience is to write for the audience and the community that you wish to build. Imagine who those people are and even go as far as to create a profile for them. You may have different sections of an community to reach. I do. For example, one section of my digital community are mothers who need manage a household, family schedules and their career. I take them in consideration when I write blog posts or create content like Periscope videos that may be beneficial to them. Below is the Periscope video review that I did for the Kia Sedona that I drove for one week thanks to my friends at Kia.

I did not expect to enjoy a minivan so much. Honestly, I didn’t. I was actually relieved to find out the blogger-given alternative name for a minivan which is ‘multi-purpose vehicle’. Queridos, it’s the same thing but it just sounds cooler. Indulge me here. Watch the video below to see what my family enjoyed.

I chose to keep my kids in this video because for any parent who may be considering a ‘multi-purpose vehicle’ purchase would want to know what kids think about the vehicle as well.

We appreciated the room in the back of the vehicle and the First-Class Lounge Seats (the back seats recline and have leg rest). I appreciated the remote controls for the Dual Power Sliding Doors and the Smart Power Liftgate. That’s so convenient when you have your hands full! However, it was the Blind-Spot Detection (BSD) System with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA) feature that impressed me the most. This feature alerts you if someone is in your blind spot or if something is about to cross your to help prevent an accident. Super helpful! You can find all the features for the Kia Sedona on

We had a great experience with the Kia Sedona and at the Texas Conference for Women. A fun drive to Austin in a comfortable vehicle is always a great idea!