The Battle for Texas Experience from a Tejana’s Point-of-View {{GIVEAWAY}}

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The Battle for Texas Experience is a 22,000 square feet historic adventure attraction in downtown San Antonio, TX. The general admission tour allows visitors to learn and experience what it was like when Anglo settlers came to Texas and how tension and eventually battles broke out between Texas and Mexico. With interactive and multi-sensory exhibits, the Battle for Texas experience is a bit of Texas history education and a lot of fun.Battle for Texas Experience Tour with Kid Crockett

There are over 250 artifacts all displayed in thematic galleries for visitors to enjoy. Visitors walk through a replica of inside the walls of the Alamo during the famous 13-day battle and it comes to life with multimedia re-enactments. Most importantly, visitors learn about some of the significant historical figures were during this time – Anglo, Mexican, and Tejano.

Most everyone is familiar with names like William B. Travis, James Bowie, Davy Crockett and even Santa Ana. Visitors can definitely learn more about those men at the Battle for Texas Experience.

How many people are familiar with the Tejano names? Wait. Who were the Tejanos?

Tejanos were the Mexican people who lived in Texas before the Anglos arrived. And when it came time to fight for Texas’ independence from Mexico, many Tejanos joined in the fight. In fact, of the approximate 189 people who died at the Alamo, only eight were born in Texas – almost all were Tejanos.

Juan N. Seguin fought in the first part of the Battle of the Alamo but was sent to get more reinforcements. Some of his men left and later they were all labeled as ‘public enemies’. These Tejanos who fought for Texas were now being shunned. After Seguin’s death, Texas recognized Seguin’s contributions to the Texas Revolution and honored him by burying him in Seguin, TX which was also named after him.

What happened to Seguin is one reason why the Texas Revolution can feel confusing to Mexican-Americans still today. I’ve often wondered if my family were in Texas during the revolution would they have been fighting for their independence. If they were in Mexico, would they have joined the soldiers who fought for the Mexican army at the Alamo?

Seguin’s story also highlights why it’s important for all Tejanos to learn more about Texas history on their own. The Battle for Texas Experience is one place to start the conversation with your family. Together, you can explore, learn from different perspectives, and even experience what it was like to be in the Alamo on those fateful 13 days. See the bottom of this blog post for a Family Four-Pack ticket giveaway.

Kid Crockett Birthday Parties

We were invited to a Legendary Kid Crockett Birthday Celebration! My boys had so much fun exploring the museums and exhibits and even battling the Mexican army in a Battle of the Alamo reenactment.

After the tour and re-enactment, we were treated to food, drinks, and cake at Dave & Busters as part of the celebration! Does this sound like something your kids would love to do, too? Parents are in luck because the Battle for Texas Experience offers Birthday Party Packages. Two packages are available for you to book to celebrate your kids’ birthdays in a unique way! Prices range from $24.75 – $66.46 per kid and are completely customizable.

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