¿Qué dijo mi esposo about Big Ang?

Most evenings in our house go something like this … after we get the boys tucked in their beds, my husband stays in our bedroom to watch TV and surf the internet on his smart phone. I go to my ‘home office’ space to surf the internet and catch up on work. Sometimes I linger around to chit chat before leaving because I’m a night owl and don’t go to bed until way after he is asleep. However, tonight, before I could even get to our door my husband shooshes me away and says,

“Oh yeah! Big Ang comes on at eight!”

¿Qué dijo mi esposo?

Big Ang is a spin-off reality TV show from VHI’s MobWives. She is the ‘larger than life’ character who is sharing her life in her reality show where she runs a bar, hangs out with her ‘cougar’ friends and talks about wise guys. I openly admit that these outrageous reality shows are my guilty pleasures. I know you should guard what you are feeding your mind but hey, every now and then, I get hooked. Don’t judge. (or do, lo que sea.)

But my husband?! I thought men were not supposed to enjoy these shows … haha! I do recall him sitting next to me on the couch every week watching a different reality show about a famous, talentless family. When I reminded him of that, he said “Pero, it was so I could spend time with you.” O, sí, so you could spend time with me?!

Here is my response to my husband’s interest in reality drama …

Because we all know there is drama in football!



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