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Teaching kids to love and care for their pet can teach them life lessons. Most likely, parents want their kids to care for pets because it gives children a strong sense of responsibility. That’s a great lesson to learn. But when kids learn to care for pets, they learn to love. This is the lesson that I appreciate the most.

In our house, our boys wake up in the mornings and they know one of their first tasks to let their dogs out, feed them and make sure they have some play time with them. We don’t count any of this as part of their chores that they can get paid to do. It’s important that they understand that caring for their pets is much more than a chore. If they get paid to do it, will they see the pets as something to check off their chore list? Maybe, maybe not.

If we can teach them how to love their pets, they’ll have learned to love another living being. Teaching my boys that tasks such as feeding the dogs, walking the dogs, and cleaning the kennels are important. However, those aren’t the most important things about owning a pet. The most important thing is to LOVE their pets. As a parent, it’s amazing to watch your child love and care deeply for another living being. For us, it’s more special that we have two dogs. My boys kind of see the dogs as they see themselves – as brothers. Now, they want to be sure that these two dog brothers enjoy each other and love each other as much as my boys enjoy and love each other. Plus, the memories that my boys are creating with their dogs are invaluable.

Recently, I asked my littlest son, “How do you take care of a dog?” He said, ” Feed them, give them a bath, play with them, and show them love.” Love for him means play time in the backyard, giving the dog treats, and of course, letting the dog lick his face.

I think he understands, y’all.

Queridos, how do you show your pets some love?

ROCK DOG Movie Pass + Prize Pack Giveaway

ROCK DOG Synopsis: For the Tibetan Mastiffs living on Snow Mountain, a dog’s life has a simple riff: Guard a peaceful village of wool-making sheep from the thuggish wolf Linnux (Lewis Black) and his rabid pack. To avoid distractions, Mastiff leader Khampa (J.K. Simmons) forbids all music from the mountain. But when Khampa’s son Bodi (Luke Wilson) discovers a radio dropped by a passing airplane, it takes just a few guitar licks for his fate to be sealed: Bodi wants to be a rock ‘n’ roll star. Yet that means defying his father’s wishes, heading to the city, and locating the legendary – and reclusive – musician Angus Scattergood (Eddie Izzard), who needs to write a new song and fast.

If Bodi can put a band together, help Angus with his song, and defeat the wolves’ plot to take Snow Mountain, his life will be in tune. Bodi will become what he’s always dreamed of being: More than a dog … more than a Rock God… he’ll be a ROCK DOG!


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8 Responses

  1. Veronica says:

    I love my pet we can’t imagine our life without her. She is so spoiled we buy her doggie cakes once a month to celebrate her being with us!

  2. Marco Sanchez says:

    Me and my son Marco love our pet and we would love to see this movie! A pet is not a pet in our family. A pet is a family member 🙂

  3. Krystal m says:

    My dog daisy looked like she was getting lonely so we got her a mate name happy. They play and fight lol I think that she found her mate for life 🙂

  4. Elena says:

    I have two dogs and two cats. They are fun to play with

  5. Stacey Alvarado says:

    YOGI (aka) our first child just celebrated his 13th birthday this past February 12th! To say that he is loved is an understatement. When we first moved to our new house he dug a hole under our fence trying to get back to our old house. we had lost him for three days but we never gave up on looking for him. On the third day we found him about 20 miles away and he has been by our side every since. We love Yogi so very much that we could not imagine our life without his adorable self !

  6. Nicole says:

    My dog Brody is 4 years old and is like my child! He is energetic and loves to go to the park and run around all day! He is a great addition to our family and makes our life so much better!

  7. Lawrence Hayes says:

    Would like yo get tickets for this movie.

  8. Lawrence Hayes says:

    Would very much like to go to this movie. Am a fan of animated movies.

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