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Get Real: Do you procrastinate? 1

Get Real: Do you procrastinate?

Let’s talk procrastination. Let’s get real. Lately the topic around here has been about getting things done and making things happen. I’m inspired by recent conversations with others who are finishing degrees, organizing big-thinking...

Do It Anyway! 4

Do It Anyway!

As part of a fabulous Twitter party last night about Latina Leadership, one question that was asked was: Being Latina and being a woman, makes it challenging to be a leader. What should we...

10 Principles for a Great Leader 2

10 Principles for a Great Leader

I have spent countless hours in leadeship seminars (mostly when I was in direct sales). I have read books and watched movies about leadership. And I have been extremely blessed to work with some...

Get Real: Hey Jealousy! 3

Get Real: Hey Jealousy!

“Get Real” posts will have give you insight on topics that are real but not always pretty. Jealousy 1. Resentment against a rival, person enjoying success or advantage or against another’s success or advantage...