Personalized Music for Kids in Spanish from La Totuga ~ GIVEAWAY from Growing Up Bilingual • ¿Qué Means What?

Personalized Music for Kids in Spanish from La Totuga ~ GIVEAWAY from Growing Up Bilingual

Most of the Spanish I am comfortable with comes from listening to songs in Spanish. When I discovered Rock en Español, it changed my life, en serio. Naturally, when teaching my boys Spanish, I went straight to music. We listen to nursery rhymes, various artists who sing kids songs in Spanish and, of course, Tejano music. However, I could only imagine how much they would love to hear their own names in those songs! Personalized products are a huge hit with kids. Therefore, I’m happy to share with you a great GIVEAWAY from our friends at GROWING UP BILINGUAL:  Personalized Music for Kids in Spanish from La Totuga. Thank you, Paula, for sharing your giveaways with our readers too.

Here’s a little from Paula’s experience with the CD from La Totuga:

The CD includes 6 songs interpreted in Spanish by a fantastic group of Colombian musicians.  The quality of the music is just wonderful, the name of your child blends in perfectly with each song’s lyrics as if the songs had been written not only to include your child’s name but with him or her in mind.  You can visit the the website HERE  and hear a sample song with your child’s name on it!  You just type in the name, press play and you will see what I am talking about, well actually you will be able to hear it.



You can win a copy of a personalized Sinfonía #1 CD from La Tortuga with your child’s name on every song!
This giveaway is open to US residents 18 and up. Please enter by following the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.

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  1. I would give it to my munchkin 🙂

  2. My boys would love this!!

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